“Meditation has helped me clear my mind and identify the goals and actions that are most relevant and important to me. The added bonus of sleeping better has meant that I’m more energetic and focused during the day.” Participant

Getting Started  and Welcome –  a message from Rhonda

Before You Begin…

It’s important to consider why you want to learn to meditate and visualize as a life and career planning tool, and how you hope this course will help you. For example, you may hope for a deepened view into your creative process and how you want to apply your skills in the world. Or perhaps you are looking for a more effective way to create life goals from a place of calm and tranquility. You might even want to learn to calm down in the face of school or work stress or worry. Some participants are looking for a way to focus and better concentrate, and increase their ability to be present and fully engaged in life and creativity. Think about this for a moment. You filled out the application with your goals, now think about meditation and visualization as a lens for self-reflection and life/career planning.

What is it that you hope will happen as a result of learning to meditate and visualize as you participate in this course?

The My Promise to Myself  Worksheet will help you answer this question and will create the foundation for your meditation and visualization practice, and help you establish it as a routine. Please download it to your computer and fill it out now.

Completing the worksheet before you begin is important. Take your time. This is especially important because it is difficult to begin a meditation practice on your own and you will greatly increase your ability to stay with this if you are clear about why you are doing it, what you hope for, and stating your goals upfront. You are making a promise to yourself and a commitment to the process. Indicate when and where you will do the meditation and visualization practices on the worksheet now. And then put the time/days on your calendar as a reminder.

Daily Sitting Meditation Practice

You will start by doing approximately 6 – 15 minutes of daily practice each time you sit. Simply listen to the meditation audio files to guide you.

All of the meditations and visualizations are available for you to listen to as audio files or read, and are listed in the “Weekly” sessions. A full list can be found in the “Guided Meditations” and “ “Guided Visualizations” menus at the top of the page.

Each week, you will fill out your Workbook to track your experience.  These are simply a series of questions to help you create journal notes to give your direct experience a structure for reflection.

And you might like as well, to download and record your daily progress on the Meditation Log and Simple Awareness logs .

 Reading and Assignments

Meditation and visualization take practice and deliberate effort. To inspire you to apply these practices, each week there are recommended readings and assignments. These are recommended for each week, including a variety of career planning worksheets. These are of course completely optional, pending on where you are in your life and career journey. Decide for yourself what will aid you to apply your meditative lens to your life, ideas and career. I’ve created these lessons to aid your own intuition and guidance. Do what works for you and enjoy.

Ready to start? 

Once you’ve completed the My Promise to Myself Worksheet you are ready to begin. Order the books we will use in the course. Then start with a basic meditation. I suggest you start with this basic Quiet Breath – Image of Pebble meditation. It is only 6 minutes. Get comfortable with this practice and simply being in the moment with your breath. To accompany this practice, there is a wonderful book by Thich Nhat Hanh on the Miracle of Mindfulness , I suggest you read this first to start your journey. It is short and profound. Then follow with Matthieu Ricard’s book Why Meditate? or simply read this short pdf. which you can download from the store/resource page

Take your time with the concepts of mindful attention, and the Quiet Breath – Image of Pebble meditation, and simply get comfortable meditating and visualizing. And then when you are ready, simply click on Week 1 in the top menu you see above, and follow the instructions to begin the course.

You can jump ahead as you wish, but I suggest you follow the sessions in order, starting with Week 1 and finishing with Week 10. When you are done, you can apply for the certificate of completion.

I have been meditating for close to 40 years and visualizing for 30 ! These are life changing processes to help you on your life journey, and aid your artistic and creative career ideas. Bridging infinite mind to creative mind to business mind through contemplative practices will bring you  to a new place of understanding and commitment to your vision, to your sense of self and your community.


Rhonda Schaller, Instructor

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2 years ago

Wow, this year has been a challenge. I have fallen off the meditation wagon for a while now and I really miss the calm, careful consideration it afforded me. I am looking forward to getting back ON the wagon!!

3 years ago

I was very grateful for the first semester of this program that I completed in Fall 2018. I am looking forward to deepening my practice and re-reading some of the assignments to get more out of them with a deeper understanding.

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