“Last semester I visualized having a gallery show, and got one after a lifetime of not having the know-how to get that done. This semester I visualized having a loving man in my life to live with, and that happened. Both of these were things right in front of me, the visualization helped me solidify the desire, the meditation helped me reach out and grab what was right under my nose. So the most significant benefit has been breaking the walls I put up around me.” – Participant

Are you ready to begin ?

The Meditation Incubator is free for all matriculated Pratt students, alumni, faculty, and staff members.

Community participants are welcome to join our world wide community, please note that course fees do apply, please email Rhonda Schaller, rhonda.schaller@gmail.com.


Steps to register for the Meditation Incubator:

1. Fill out the registration form. (Spring 2022 registration is now open!) Spaces are limited.

2. Order the books for the course, and begin reading (optional).

3. Click on the Getting Started tab and fill out My Promise to Myself worksheet.

4. Start your practice of mindfulness. Begin with the 6 minute meditation Quiet Breath – Image of Pebble:

5. Check out the resources/store page for additional links and readings.

6. You will receive a confirmation of your registration within 2 weeks of your application for either the live class or online class once we have reviewed your application.

Need more information?

  1. Watch / Listen to the Information Session video
  2. For an overview of what we will cover take a look at the Course outline.
  3. Read participant feedback
  4. Learn about the instructors: Rhonda Schaller, Sam Harvey, and Carl Fengler
  5. Need more info? Email Sam Harvey with any questions: sharvey@pratt.edu

Once you are registered

All participants will receive a confirmation of your registration with the password to access the weekly sessions within 2 weeks of registration. The password changes every semester. You are welcome to repeat the course and re-register as often as you like.

Then, to start the course, just enter the password to access the site content when prompted to on the page Week 1!  You can use the online sessions as a refresher or do the course completely online. It is the same password for all the pages, and once entered – you are free to roam and download your materials.

Let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or simply want to share your excitement!  You can email me directly at Rhonda.schaller@gmail.com

All the best,


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Megan McCarry
Megan McCarry
3 years ago

Hi Rhonda, Iam alumni. I registered and never recieved a password. Could you please send me one ? Thank you, Megan

Samantha Harvey
Samantha Harvey(@sharvey)
3 years ago
Reply to  Megan McCarry

Hey Megan, I just resent the welcome email to all online participants. Please let me know if you still didn’t get it.

Aomi Kikucihi
4 years ago

Dear Meditation Incubator

I would like to resister and I would like to ask when the class is held as I applied the connection class on Wednesday early afternoon and your class also the same time table, I suppose.

Gabriel Ceslov
4 years ago

Hello Rhonda,

This sounds very interesting. Unfortunately I missed the first few classes. Can I start from the begining, or I should wait for the next semester?


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