“I always looked forward to attending the Tuesday evening sessions. It was like coming home to myself again. It got me grounded and back to the space that I so strongly love and believe in. The teachings and concepts were mostly all familiar to me. But different in that the focus was on the artist and business. Rhonda has a wonderful energy and way of communicating. I have not missed a day of meditation since the ending of the sessions.”

— Participant

Meditation Incubator Program : Infinite Mind, Creative Mind, Business Mind

The Meditation Incubator seeks to offer participants an opportunity to learn meditation and mindfulness, to deepen creativity through visualization, and develop tools to develop their personal and professional development through contemplative practices. Participants learn how to use creative visualization and guided meditations to access their infinite potential.

The course is designed to help participants establish a meditation practice, provide practical “hands on” experience in the design and management of their practice, and through the use of creative visualization and mind mapping connect their practice to well-being, thriving and flourishing.

Will this online course be beneficial?

If you follow the weekly sessions and do the meditation and visualization practices each week the results can be profound. The feedback from our surveys at the end of each semester have indicated great benefits to participants, a summary of which you can read here. The popularity of the course has grown beyond our expectations with just over 1,200 participants as of Spring 2019.


“This has been incredibly effective in helping me be in closer touch to what excites and drives ME. I had to begin with finding the what/where/who before using it toward a certain goal. It helps me at this point identify goals and dreams, and I feel like I have a tool to reach these things with this process moving forward.”

– Participant


1) The Meditation Incubator – An Introduction  to the Online Course

I created this online course for participants who wanted a way to learn to meditate and visualize, and use contemplative practices as a way to generate ideas along with peace of mind. This course will help you use a calm center, breath and light as life career planning guides and tools.  Reflecting on who we are, why we do what we do, at the same time that we establish a meditation practice can be profound.  I hope you enjoy this course and can begin to create your meditative lens to view your creative/life/career plans through a newly formed centered space within yourself.

This online course is modeled on the in-person Creative Mind Business Mind course founded by Rhonda Schaller, with visualizations and assignments from her book Create Your Art Career: Practical Tools, Visualizations, and Self-Assessment Exercises for Empowerment. Allworth Press: New York.

2) The Meditation Incubator – Research and Practice

I launched the Meditation Incubator: Creative Mind Business Mind at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY in Spring 2014 with funding from Molly Beuregard and Tuning the Student Mind Foundation and the participation of the David Lynch Foundation and Pratt alumnus Harry Martinian.

Snapshot Summary:  Survey data

As a result of practicing meditation and visualization participants reported the following benefits:

100% feel more creative and feel less stressed, gained a greater clarity of mind, and feel more directed in their career and job search, feel more able to set goals and take action steps

98% have greater focus and feel more centered

97% gained improved relationships with family and friends, feel fewer frustrations during the day, are happier, feel less angry and have greater patience and feel more in control of their lives

94% helped with their studio practice

94% are sleeping better and 93% have less fatigue

87% experienced help with academics

We conduct a pre-survey application for registration and post-survey assessment each semester asking participants to report on the effects of their practice, and how they can apply what they learned to their lives and overall well-being. We conducted a literature review in 2015 on Contemplative Practices in Higher Education, and are consistently updating and improving the program based on current research in the field, and the direct experience of our participants.  I recently published how the Meditation Incubator contributes to an evolving field of practice in visual art pedagogy and contemplative practices, which I am so pleased to share:

You can read all about it The Mindful Eye. Here is the Amazon link: The Mindful Eye (2018, Common Ground Publishing)

You can also purchase a pdf of the book on the publishers website.

3)  Mindful Making; Mindfulness Initiatives in Students Affairs; and Faculty development program

Esmilda Abreu, Sam Harvey and I have launched a very exiting new pilot Mindfulness For The Creative Economy. Starting with an immersion training program call Mindful Making, with a grant from the Made In NYC program we delivered mindfulness and business planning to artisan entrepreneurs in NYC this past year.

In early 2018 we launched the Mindfulness Initiatives in Student Affairs training program (MISA). I am currently exploring a faculty development  module with the Teaching and Learning Center, and a train the trainer program.

For more info email Sam Harvey (sharvey@pratt.edu)

4) Participating in the Meditation Incubator:

Once you are registered, we will review your application for registration and you will receive an email and a password for the weekly sessions. To start the course, just enter the password to access the weekly sessions on the site. The password changes every semester, so you will have access to the weekly sessions for three months. 31.2% of participants repeat the course, so don’t worry if you don’t finish, you can always re-register.  This is a self-paced process, allow yourself to go at your own pace. The key is to meditate daily and let the course guide you into a new way of being, within yourself, with the expression of your work, and your contribution to your community.

Let me know if you have any questions. You can email me at Rhonda.schaller@gmail.com

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