Here is a 2 minute video that explains the program and shares a few artists & students experiences: ENJOY!

And here are some comments from past participants.

About learning to visualize….. 

“It became fun and made me happy when I started to play with the visualizations.”

“It increases the effectiveness of my general meditation practice ..”

“Lowering stress in situations that create anxiety; imagining success”

“Visualization brings me deep calm and comfort.”

“I saw a vision of something that made me see some different forms my work might take.  It made me see myself in a better way.”

“Being able to see my professional success has removed the fear of the unknown. I can plan my first steps while visualizing the outcome. Overcoming fear has been the most helpful aspect of visualization.”

“I was able to find myself as an artist after many many years.”

“I actually see the answers i’m looking for in visualization; a logo, a space, methods, etc”

“I would say that it has allowed me to let go of a lot of fears I had about my industry / career and start to realize my dreams and my place with in it. It also helped me realize that I am the one in complete control of my career path and future – as silly as that sounds- I for some reason allowed myself to believe I was not before.”

“A career in this field no longer feels unobtainable. I understand what that looks like in an honest way. Hard work, dedication, and sacrifice are part of the process, areas that have scared me in the past now seem minuscule compared to the success of completing projects.”

“Visualization is an amazing tool that makes it easier for me to reach my happy place. I have found that using recurring visualizations has given me clarity on what makes me feel most creative, most myself, and most grounded. It also helps me feel empowered to perform well during graduate school.”

“Compassion towards others”

“Positive expectation.”

“Clarity goal setting”

“I’m open to possibilities I hadn’t considered before”


Doing the career planning assignments…

“The exercises are enjoyable and I have seen myself repeatedly return to the same goals that I have had for years. The difference now is that I have more methods to achieve my goals.”

“Career planning homework exercises help me zoom out in perspective. They remind me of what I have always wanted to do with my life, and what values are important to me. The most important thing I have learned through this course is to be true to myself, and that listening to what I want is OK. I’m still not sure what career I want, but I’m honing my ability to think about what will make me feel fulfilled (versus the expectations of others).”

“I can see beyond my current circumstance. Even though I have a brand new job, I know what my next step will be and have a sense of when I want my career to transition again. This has not been possible for me since the market crashed in 2009 and my employment options atrophied…leaving a real sense of being stuck and vulnerable. The career planning exercises reminded me of my strengths and of all of the work that I have done in my career to date (the personal myth exercise was particularly useful!) and that gave me the courage I needed to move on…to take a risk.”

“They help me to be more focused, dream big and still be practical.”

“The most significant concept that was introduced for me was the “What would you do if you could not fail”. For whatever reason, after researching all sorts of life plan and career plan material I had never heard the question phrased this way. I was raised and have consistently approached certain goals or challenges with the “What is the worst that can happen?” approach. It is an important shift to a more positive approach that I have found has helped me visualize unrealized potential instead of avoiding or neutralizing potential failure.”

“The mind mapping was fun to explore as a tool and aesthetic object”

“Make me realize that I have things to do”

“I’ve been able to think more clearly about my career and future as a result of the readings and assignments.”

“They help focus me on things I need to be reminded of.”

“Organizing my life. I understand that personal relationships, health, professional practice, and peace of mind are all connected.”

“I think these things help me find direction and plan where I wanted to go next with my career. In addition to helping me organize the steps I needed to take to get there.”

“Creating structure and order”

“Figured out what I want to do i.e. opening a studio building/residency/gallery and am making a plan”


Benefits of learning to meditate…..

“Calming, invigorating. Opens up my mind to possibilities, self acceptance.”

“Reduction of Anxiety and an increased ability to navigate circular negative thought cycles.”

“Centering, calming, emptying my consciousness of clutter”

“Meditation helps me center myself.”

“It brings me back to myself.  It makes me aware of all the distractions of just being in my own life.”

“My mental health has greatly improved! During this class, I’ve been able to quantify the different roles in my life and focus on how to prioritize them.  These changes have all happened since taking this course.”

“My meditation practice gives me the chance to reconnect with myself and restore my calm no matter what is happening.”

“I have been able to quiet all of the mental chatter and judgments of others enough to be able to figure out exactly what path I want my career to follow.”

“calm and clarity”

“Practicing meditation makes me feel calmer, more focused, and brings me back to a sense of balance. It makes me more able to be in the present moment, and think about the best decisions I can make for myself. It has helped tremendously in my overall outlook.”

“My general sense of calm and focus that I harness during meditations have trickled throughout my days and really helped to balance out my other interactions, tasks, etc. The whole experience has been tremendously valuable.”

“I have found that practicing meditation daily has helped me deal with the stresses of my day to day life in a more positive way. I have also found that it has allowed me to calm my mind and anxieties enough to allow myself to pursue my greater career ambitions with much less fear. I also feel like it has allowed me to let go of the current career path I was on and actually take a leap of faith to start to pursue my dreams and seek my ideal career rather than the corporate america path I was on before.”

“It’s something I can rely upon as being a true discipline that centers me and aligns my perspective on life”

“I am more mindful. I am grateful.”

“Feeling centered and more clear”

“I am calmer. I quit smoking and discovered what I really want to do and am making a plan.”


what they learned and ….

Thank you so much!

.. it has been inspiring and deeply beneficial, I am grateful for you + Pratt giving this opportunity.

This is a necessary class to understand where you are now, why you are here, who has helped and what has helped you to get here. It also takes you out of this space-traveling truth- into where you need to be- one step at a time, and understanding each of these steps. Constant change.

It was an amazing process and I wish I had done it before in my life.

I really got a lot out of these classes. The in-person classes were great for making me work at meditation and not let it slide. …. I’ve really noticed progress over the 10 weeks…

I liked this class a lot! I wish it was longer…

<3 = My Faves J

This has been a wonderful + timely class + adventure for me. Having received my MFA from Pratt in 2001 I’ve struggled for years with getting a career off the ground + learning to do the work I didn’t know about or learned about in grad school when talking about showing + selling were frowned upon. Cultivating a meditation practice has been wonderful. Rhonda is a wonderful teacher + Guide and Mentor.

A+ Course! L:ife Changing.

Great class! I will miss it.

Good Class. Keep it up.

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