Daily reminders to breathe, smile and breathe again are so helpful in developing a meditation practice.  They help us pay attention to the power of now. Breathe, smile, and breathe  – right now, today. Try it. Open your heart.

All of us need a reminder to check in with ourselves, to breathe, smile, breathe again. Building peace of mind and keeping our open hearts .. open, takes practice.

How can you check in with yourself? Can you create a system of check-ins for yourself on a daily basis?

Perhaps you could use a to do list like the app SWIPE to remind yourself to breathe, meditate, go for a walk, smile… Or use a calendar and put difference images or colors, or words to inspire you to breath, smile, and breath again.

Knowing your allies for your practice, will help you maintain consistency and form new wellness habits. What are your allies? Perhaps a gratitude journal, every morning write down something you are grateful for, and then listen to one of my guided meditations as your start your day.

Here are a few exercises you could do as your daily reminders:

Smiling as you breath: Open your eyes wide. Smile and take a few deep breaths. Enjoy each breath, and simply notice the breath as it goes in, and as it goes out of the body.

Awareness of sensation in your body: Drop into your body, and notice whatever sensations are strongest right now. Bring curiousity to this awareness, what do you feel?  Are they pleasant, unpleasant or neutral? Simply notice sensations as they rise into your awareness and pass away out of awareness.

Noting practice: Simply note to yourself whichever of your senses are most predominant in your experience, for example as you look around – seeing,  as you stop to listen – hearing, as you sip your tea – tasting etc..

Breathing to your toes: Breathe one breath in and feel it going into your lungs and let it continue breathing all the way down to your toes, and then out. Do this for a few breaths

Awareness of thinking: Bring your awareness to your thoughts. For the next few thoughts that arise, simply note to yourself “past” if they relate to past events, “future” if you are thinking about the future. Just notice thinking and let thoughts float away like clouds in a sky.

Hearing practice: Drop into simply hearing any sounds that are arising at this moment. Notice how it doesn’t take any effort to simply hear. If a thought or something else distracts you, simply note it, place it off to the side, and return to hearing.

Let me know if I can help in any way. We are stronger together.