Group Meditating
Photo from Pratt Seed Grant project

We’re curious about the role of contemplative practices, mindfulness and creative self-care on aiding focus, positive uplift and resilience for the benefit of artists and arts leaders.  Last November 2019 we received a Pratt Institute Seed Research grant to offer and test mindfulness meditation and visualization techniques for creatives in business, to see if the effects of training would impact their creativity, focus, and positivity. Building on those results, we have been awarded a 2 year Tremaine Foundation Grant to build mindfulness collectives, what we are calling a Collaboratory.  The Collaboratory will look at contemplative practices, including mindfulness and meditation, sitting and walking practices, formal and informal expressions of self-awareness to aid artists and arts leaders in reimagining self and practice, business and audience during COVID and post COVID contexts

What can participants expect?

We are offering you free training in visualization, mindfulness and contemplative practices. We offer 10 hours of training in mindfulness, meditation and visualization practice for each collective. We will supply information about how to adapt your approach to using these contemplative self-care tools as cornerstones for your creativity and organization. Collectives meet virtually for 45 minutes Monday – Thursday for 3 weeks, complete daily reflections, and are given tools to continue their collective following the training period. 

Where we are now

How can I join?

We have partnered with a number of arts and cultural organizations throughout the US to create regionally-based collectives that we have been working with. In February 2021 we hope to put together a national group that will bring together individuals from many regions into one single collective. Please let us know if you are interested in being part of our national group.