I found an old satellite modem on the shelf in the garage. It had a nice sized display and 4 buttons so it seemed like a good box to use for my own SousVide. The one I made for Brian had the stock code from Brady Doll but for my own I decided to experiment a bit…

Everything fit pretty well into the box.

I decided to build my own board rather than use another Uno and LCD shield.

stock code….

centered messages….

Expanded messages.

Only 2 chips. an Atmel 328P and an MCP23017

These were the first 2 victims. One just salt and peppered the other with brown sugar and Jim Beam…

I tried to get a shot of the serving platter but a flurry of forks emptied the plate…..

At least I got this nice shot as I seared them

Great for Pork too……

I wish I could find where I put the rest of these nice outlets. For now I used a pigtail..

Here it is sitting by the coffee maker

Came out at 2am for a drink and checked the temp. Still holding at 140

I used a NOS (New Old Stock) SSR (Solid State Relay) from and old MSM300 Disk drive. If you know what an MSM300  is you have my sympathy…

I have a bunch of these left over from my mainframe service days…


Sous Vide Update