Through this project we are seeking to express and conceptualize all the knowledge learnt throughout the semester. We have chosen this topic since it captures our interest in video games and is relevant in the field of education and technology. Veronika is the first one who mentioned her interests in games, Mariana also shares her obsession with brain training games like Sudoku, and Kimie was thinking about to find a solution to improve her English. Thus, the team decided to go with “learning from the games.”


While checking the information for references of educational games, there were games that specifically designed for learning purpose, you can easily find a bunch of them from here. Also, there were learning processes that had been “gamified.” After 2013, there was a new terminology that called “gamification”, which was widely been applied to software, and most of the software were mobile apps. Ever since then, a lot of services or apps try to “gamify” their products, and Duolingo was the most successful one to “gamify” learning languages. After the great success, more and more online learning services start to apply a similar method to their products. Thus, gamify the learning process has become the conventional way of online learning now. No matter which one you prefer more- learning games or just the “gamified learning process”, you can find both types of learning on our website here.


In this project, we looked into the history of educational games, the theories of learning, and the applications of the theories. Games we collected that covers range from science, brain training, language, and coding. Also, we’d prefer to focus on web games since that’s more accessible across different platforms and devices, so you can learn on the go whenever you can access the internet on your devices.


This was written by Pei-Chun OuYang


Veronika Kostova

A first-semester student at Pratt’s Information Experience Design program.

Mariana Lopez de Castilla

A first-semester student at Pratt’s Library and Information Science program.

Pei-Chun OuYang

A first-semester student at Pratt’s Information Experience Design program.

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