Anthropocene Island: Colonization, Native Species and Invaders

curated by Peggy Cyphers
September 16 – 27, 2019
Opening Reception: September 19th 5pm – 8pm

“Anthropocene Island: Colonization, Native Species and Invaders” addresses the vast
environmental and geopolitical forces re-ordering the world as we have known it. Through the traceable singularity that is plastic (the geologic place-marker of the Anthropocene) to native and ‘invasive’ species, the re-worlding of migratory creatures, including humans, are examined. As a universal material of contemporary global culture, plastic endures in the environment such that all plastic ever created still exists. The petrochemical industry that fuels the relentless production of plastics is the same modus operandi that is also causing desperate attempts to extract the last drops of oil from the planet, which in turn is cooking up the enormous climatic changes we experience across the globe. Climate change is pushing all creatures – human, plant, animal and mineral – into new geolocations. The artists of “Anthropocene Island: Colonization, Native Species and Invaders” examine these interconnected linkages through sculpture, drawing, photography, video and installation.

Artists included: Suzanne Anker, Peggy Cyphers, Pam Longobardi, Sarah Olson, Christy Rupp, and Kathleen Vance.