Beneath the Dirt 2019-03-08T22:18:26+00:00

Beneath the Dirt

Curated by Lia Kim Farnsworth and Rosie Quick
in conversation with Rhonda Schaller

Show Dates:
November 6 – 21

Participating Artists:
Garrett Benisch

Rhonda Schaller
Hongyu Pu
Priya Parthasarathy
Maggie Carine
Michael Garbutt
Ronny Haberer
Sarah Pauley
Shannon Bradley
Tony Tai
Toshiko Oiyama
Rosie Quick

The focus of this exhibition is to highlight the varied uses of meditation, or contemplative practices within an artist’s practice as well to propose the potential for the work of art to provide a meditative space for the viewer.

Meditation is crucial to many artist’s studio practices. While some artists use meditation to remind themselves for their artistic and creative intentions, other artists use meditation within their process to commemorate an ephemeral moment or to emphasize reflection.

Artworks can also provide meditative prompts for the viewer, allowing the work to have an afterlife within the viewer’s experience. Some works might echo the artist’s practice in their effect on the audience, while others depart from the artist’s process entirely to create a space of contemplation and meditation.