Devin Kenny  is an artist, writer, and musician working across several mediums living in Houston. Born in 1987 and active online since the mid 1990s, he has witnessed the shift from web 1.0 into the so-called social internet of web 2.0 and the present and his work is colored by this transition. Working in sculpture, video, photography, text, performance, sound, as well as curatorial projects, Devin Kenny’s practice is engaged with questions of socially constructed identity and network aesthetics from quilt codes used on the underground railroad, to graffiti, to contemporary internet memes and more. He received his MFA in 2013 from the New Genres department at UCLA and is an alumnus of the Whitney Independent Study Program, SOMA Mexico, and is currently a fellow at the MFAH Core Program. 

  Follow him on twitter @devinkkenny and instagram @crashingwavy