Emmett Metier
B: 1993
Fort Dodge, IA

(Referencing Countersexual Manifesto by Paul B. Preciado) “…he wrote about the dildo as the body and the representation of the body as a dildo and I thought it was brilliant. And so I decided to start making my forms out of silicon as a way to think about transgender embodiment through the dildo because dildos are fetish objects in my life… reflecting on representation of people transitioning and film, mainstream film. It’s just this notion where someone’s distraught because they’re born in the wrong body, someone just having this linear transition from one to the other and so here I’m just thinking about how can I make something that’s not film but video, moving image, that isn’t just the transition of one to another but more so just an experience of it.”

Video work

Aelita, 2020
Video, Variable