Exhibitions – Newsletter 2019-10-16T15:00:04+00:00

Faculty, Alumni, & Student Exhibitions.   

Fine Arts Fall Exhibitions in Dekalb, East Hall, and Steuben galleries

Pratt in Venice 35th Anniversary Exhibition in Steuben Gallery

Selections: works by Fine Arts faculty members Claudia Alvarez, Michael Gac Levin, Shaun Leonardo, Nat Meade, and Dasha Shishkin at President’s office

Professor and alum Ben La Rocco at SFA Projects Chelsea

Professor Julia Kunin and alum Lu Zhang at Underdonk 

MFA alum Will Hutnick at St. Thomas Aquinas College Gallery; curated “Elsewhere Is a Negative Mirror” at Ortega y Gasset Project

Professor Robbin Ami Silverberg at Qian Juntao Art Research Museum

MFA candidate Josh Meillier curated “Beyond Surface” at Pfizer first floor gallery

Professor Jason Stopa at Hollis Taggart Gallery

Professor and alum Chris Wright at Arts Benicia Gallery 

MFA alum Fay Ku at Marlboro College Gallery

MFA alum Yasmeen Abdallah at Womenswork.art

MFA alum Lizzy Lunday at Crying Paradise

MFA alum Bruno Tanonis at Mission Valley Library

Professor Anne Gilman at the Center for Book Arts

MFA alum Maria Bouquet at Longwood Art Gallery

MFA alum Jee Hwang at Accola Griefen Gallery

MFA alum Rebecca Morgan at Asya Geisberg Gallery

MFA alum Hyunjung Ahn at Sarah Shepard Gallery

MFA alum Shahpour Pouyan at Rubin Museum

Professor Kate Harding at 3A Gallery

MFA alum Robert Sagerman at Brian Gross Fine Art

MFA alum Matt Kleberg at Reynolds Gallery

Professor Leslie Roberts at Minus Space

MFA alum Aleksandar Duravcevic at Totah gallery

Professor Carlos Motta in “United by Aids” exhibition at Migros Museum

MFA alum Polina Barskaya at Monya Rowe Gallery

MFA alum Marco Lorenzetti at Thierry Goldberg Gallery

Professor and alum Jean Shin at Storm King Art Center