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Faculty, Alumni, & Student Exhibitions

Steuben Gallery Exhibitions

East Hall Gallery Exhibitions

Dekalb Gallery Exhibitions 

Art of the Book Class Exhibition in the Pratt Library

Common Ground curated by MFA alums Jill Brandwein & Abby Cheney features work by MFA alums Courney Dudley, Bárbara Oettinger, Jiawei Zhao, and Assistant Chair Dina Weiss

MFA alum Kelly Worman and Professor Langdon Graves at Barney Savage

Professor Ross Knight at Team Gallery

Assistant Chair and MFA alum Nat Meade at Honey Ramka

Laurel Sparks at September Gallery, Mother Gallery, and NADA Miami

Joe Fyfe at Ceysson & Bénétière

MFA alums Nick Naber, Will Hutnick, and Yen Yen Chou at Tiger Strikes Asteroid

Professor Irvin Tepper at Five Points Museum

MFA alums Melissa Staiger and Yasmeen Abdallah at ABC No Rio

MFA alum Joe Poon at ChaShaMA

MFA alums and Professors Loney Abrams and Jonathan Stanish Hotel Art participating in NADA Miami

MFA alum Luisa Valderrama at Agora Gallery, El Sótano Art Space

Professor Cyrilla Mozenter at Cindy Rucker Gallery

MFA alum Elizabeth Meggs at Arsenal Gallery

MFA candidate Michele Rushfeldt at Wild Embeddings

MFA Sarbani Ghosh at Gristle Art Gallery

MFA alum Minaa Mohsin solo exhibition in Pakistan

MFA alum Charles Antoine exhibiting in Japan

MFA alum Eozen Agopian exhibition The Fabric of Space

BFA alum Justin Liam O’Brien at Monya Rowe

MFA alum Nicholas Hamilton at Essex Flowers

Second-year MFA candidate group show in Steuben Gallery

MFA alum John O’Connor with NonCoreProjector at False Flag

Professor Sara Greenberger Rafferty at DOCUMENT

Professor Jean Shin at the Brooklyn Academy of Music

BFA alum Susan Luss at Lowe Mill A&E

MFA alum Nick Naber in Scorpio Rising

MFA alum Rabia Ajaz showing in Lahore

MFA alum and professor Nanette Carter at the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes

Professor and alum Nanette Carter with alums Lisa Corinne Davis and Carrie Moyer at the New York Studio School Gallery

Professor Ann Mandelbaum at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in South Korea

Professor Linda Francis at Mana Contemporary

MFA alum Salman Toor exhibition at Aicon Gallery

MFA candidates Daniel Barrágan and Mathilde Van Nuffel D’Heynsbroeck’s curated show at Pfizer features current MFA candidates 

MFA alum Shahpour Pouyan at Copperfield Gallery

Visiting Professor Claudia Alvarez at 10 Times Square

MFA alums Johnny Stanish and Loney Abrams’ curatorial project Hotel Art opens new show

Professor Sara Rafferty, MFA alum and Professor Michael Gac Levin, and BFA alum Maria de Los Angeles in Rubelle and Norman Schafler Gallery

BFA alum Alyssa Fanning at the Berkshire Botanical Garden

MFA alum Tal Barel with SCREEN_ + SITUATIONS organized by MFA alum Ada Potter

MFA alum Aseel AlYaqoub at Jameel Arts Center

Robert Irwin in the Hazel and Robert H. Siegel Gallery

Selected works in the President’s Office Gallery by Visiting Fine Arts faculty Langdon Graves and Angela Conant

MFA alum Yasmeen Abdallah’s curated show at Open Source Gowanus features MFA alums Anna Shukeylo and Ruyin Tsai

MFA alum Polly Shindler at Tillou Fine Art, Flinn Gallery

BFA alum Susan Luss at 107 Bowers Gallery & ArtSpace

Professor Allen Frame’s Innamorato Exhibition Opening in Pratt Photography Gallery

Professor and alum Jean Shin with Professor Mary Mattingly at The 8th Floor

Former Chair Deborah Bright’s curated exhibition of Donna Gottschalk at the Leslie-Lohman Museum 

Professor Jen Mazza’s solo exhibition at James Gallery, The Center for the Humanities

MFA alum Yojiro Imasaka exhibition at Miyako Yoshinaga