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Pratt’s Interdisciplinary Fine Arts M.F.A program offers an advanced education for artists. Driven by exploration and enriched by the abundance and inspiration of New York City, critically engaged faculty respond to each MFA student’s individual practice, supporting their development and enabling an intense and transformative immersion in the diverse cultures of contemporary art making.

Pratt’s M.F.A degree is in Fine Arts rather than any specific medium or discipline. Though many students are committed to an area of interest—whether painting and drawing, printmaking, sculpture, or integrated practices—they are free to explore other forms and approaches as their work evolves. The curriculum is both rigorous and flexible, offering wide latitude for exploration while fostering critical perspectives and a deeper understanding of the histories, issues, and cultural contexts that inform art practices today. The photography area (until recently part of the Fine Arts Department) is now administered by the Photography Department as a standalone M.F.A., although some of the curriculum and resources are aligned across departments.

Fine Arts M.F.A faculty are active professional artists distinguished by their numerous national and international exhibitions. Faculty and students build close relationships through structured studio visits, seminars, and informal conversations. These relationships create a vital community and support network that endures long after graduation.

Our M.F.A facilities are outstanding! Located in Brooklyn’s Pfizer Building, graduate students have individual studios for both years of the program with dedicated fabrication shops, temporary exhibition spaces, seminar rooms, and a student lounge.

Our M.F.A community is diverse, committed, socially-engaged and vibrant! The department holds frequent events to facilitate discussions about contemporary issues and collaborates with arts organizations to reach beyond the gates and actively participate in the cultural life of the broader community. The Fine Arts Visiting Artists Lecture Series (VALS) brings renowned artists to campus to give public lectures and to conduct individual studio visits with MFA students.

Fine Arts M.F.A students host open studio events and mount individual thesis exhibitions while also presenting their work in a curated exhibit at a Pratt’s Manhattan Gallery. Pratt Artists League (PAL, the fine arts graduate student club) also invites artists, curators, and critics for visits, and organizes open studio events along with additional student-generated programming and exhibitions.

Our M.F.A alumni thrive and remain actively connected to the department that continues to support and celebrate their achievements as Artist Citizens. Our participation at UNTITLED, Art Miami, 2018 demonstrates our commitment to our alumni, showcasing their work at one of the world’s most prominent art fairs.