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“Mom is God”

Curated by Taylor Stewart
December 2017

Mom is God is an all female, drawing and painting group show featuring Taylor Stewart, Adrienne Edmonds and Lillian Olney. Women are God. We use our art to communicate the depths of our experiences and invest in expressing ourselves without inhibition or subordination. We are consciously assessing third wave feminist art’s relationship between psychoanalysis and the construction of women in mass culture. Through our practices we gain insights on the positioning of women and examine society’s expectations of women today.

Taylor Stewart works with paint boldly, abstracting feminist allegories and positions of emotional turmoil.

Adrienne Edmond’s painterly approach transcends the viewer into a semi-surrealist landscape supported by her own symbolic language and ambiguity.

Lillian Olney combines spidery figures and domestic settings that emulate delicate domesticity and the uncanny.