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Dates on View: 
January 14th – February 2nd

January 25th

Curated by Anna Fusco

Participating Artists:
Nina Harold
Emma Seely-Katz
Meghan Rutzebeck
Miles Austin
Dylan Newlon
Zari Williams
James Wells
Billy Hilsee
Daniel Menatian

The term “non-finito,” meaning not finished, was coined in Italy during the Renaissance to refer to sculptures left both intentionally and unintentionally incomplete.  

Plato believed that a work of art could never completely resemble its heavenly counterpart. The act of leaving work unfinished is at times an ode to this philosophy, a way for the artist to challenge their own beliefs regarding perfection and completeness. Other times, a work of art can remain unfinished due to an interruption, a distraction, or in the worst case, discouragement.

The exhibition Non-Finito presents a collection of selected works from across the Fine Arts curriculum that challenge the viewer to consider when, if, and why a work of art is ever truly finished.