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Past Exhibitions

MFA Thesis Shows

March through May 2018

“Flat Touch”

Choi Dachal, Florencia Escudero, Claudia Cortinez, Esperanza Mayobre, John Szlasa, Martyna Szczesna, Michael Sims, Karen Tepaz, Jason Segall

Curated by Jason Segall and Karen Tepaz
Feburary 6 – 22, 2018

“Pretty Big Painting Show”

Painting Club (Curated by Danielle Rubin and Bryan Cabrera Perez)
January 2018

“I Would be Absolutely Devastated If I Did Not Have The Thing I Have Here Right Now.”

Curated by Angela Conant
December 2017

Graduate Symposium

Curated by Jean Shin and Nick Lapole
November 2017

Alumni Show

October 2017

PAL Welcome Show

Curated by Abby Cheney and Rachel Gisela Cohen
September 2017

“Identity, Memory, and Displacement”

Curated by Jiawei Zhao
August 2017