Pratt Artists League Welcome Back Show: Breaking Down Primaries

Dates of Exhibition on View:

September 25 – October 12

October 1, 5-7pm
“Primary” is an idea of some ubiquity in artistic practice. From the most obvious “primary colors” to the notion of a primary order or sequencing, “primary” might refer to something core and inexplicable. Presenting and examining what primary might represent to the graduate students here at Pratt, we can highlight the range of experience we all bring to the Graduate Fine Arts community and its many reflections in our work.
Curated by Pratt Artists League Co-Coordinators Devin B. Johnson and Hank Ehrenfried
Participating Artists: 
Dayeon Kim
Meirave Zaks
Katherine Croft
Shinhee Yu
Angelica Yudasto
Cassie Reeder
Brittney Lyons
Amber Peck
Yaw Owusu
Talia Tamar
Chutian Shu
Maria Elizabeth Janasz
Chae Won Moon
M. Metier
Isabelle Brourman
Jean Oh
Xingze Li
Mathilde van Nuffel d’Heynsbroeck
George Skoufas
Jessica Niello-White
Marie Anine Moller
Sumin Lee
Jiwon Rhie
Santiago Giralda Sato
Lizzy Lunday
Jerry Chan
Jennifer Ho
Na’ye Perez
Madeline Rupard
Dasol Hong
Xingze Li
Robert Leon Scheirer III
Nicholas Depass
Ziping Wang
So Ye Oh
Caitlin Stewart
Mandy Wong
Kosuke Kawahara
Alp Oz
Camille McNally
Amanda Wall
Aomi Kikuchi
Jackie Slanley
Devin B. Johnson
Brian Napier
Daniel Barragan
Katreen Sorokina
Hank Ehrenfried
Joshua Meillier
Devin Utah
Phillip LaVelle