Civic Engagement Fellowship

Fine Arts’ Fellowship in Civic Engagement is a one (renewable to two) year position for an established artist who is active in collaborative, socially engaged practices that seek to address the social and political realities of communities. The Fellowship fosters interdisciplinary collaboration across the institute and forges relationships with external communities and organizations. In addition to teaching responsibilities in the Fine Arts Department, the fellow will develop programming and/or workshops connecting their practice to internal and external communities.

 “I see so many more people coming into art school who, when you ask them what they want from their engagement with creativity, say they want to make change,” says [Fine Arts Dept. Chair] Jane South. One way Pratt Fine Arts is addressing this desire is by emphasizing civic engagement through a network of socially engaged practitioners, artists who have the flexibility to navigate ambiguous spaces and reimagine the structures we live in. “The other fundamental reason to have this kind of practice and this kind of practitioner come into an academic setting is to get something in motion but then to follow wherever that motion leads,” South says, emboldening artists to alchemize the strengths of the institution in support of the broader community while simultaneously modeling an inspirational way forward for the community at Pratt.”
– Jane South

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Pratt Fine Arts is delighted to announce that artist, activist, & educator Amy Khoshbin has been selected as our inaugural Fellow in Civic Engagement

“The Fellowship in Civic Engagement is coming at the perfect time in American politics and my practice, as I will be running for City Council in Brooklyn for 2021. As we’re headed into a chaotic Presidential election year surrounded by a media circus, my goal is to work with the community at Pratt Institute to creatively focus attention on local politics, keep us active and engaged, and continue sweeping progressive change from the ground up.”
– Amy Khoshbin

Amy Khoshbin is an Iranian-American artist, activist, and educator based in Brooklyn. Her practice builds bridges between disparate communities to counteract fear with a collective sense of empowered radical acceptance. She pushes the formal and conceptual boundaries of artistic practice to foster progressive social change through performance, social practice, video, rap music, installation, sculpture, collage, tattooing, teaching and writing. She uses humor and a handmade aesthetic to throw a counterpunch at the high-definition, profit-generating codes and symbols that audiences are accustomed to consuming.

Amy has shown at venues such as The Whitney Museum of American Art, The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, Times Square Arts, Artpace, The High Line, Socrates Sculpture Park, VOLTA Art Fair, Leila Heller Gallery, Arsenal Contemporary, National Sawdust, BRIC Arts, and festivals such as River to River and South by Southwest. She has received residencies at spaces such as The Watermill Center, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Project for Empty Space, Anderson Ranch, and Banff Centre for the Arts. 

Amy has received a Franklin Furnace Fund and a Rema Hort Mann Artist Community Engagement Grant. Khoshbin received an MA from New York University in Tisch School of the Arts and a BA in Film and New Media Art at University of Texas at Austin. She has collaborated with Laurie Anderson, Karen Finley, Tina Barney, House of Trees, and poets Anne Carson and Bob Currie among others. 

Bringing together electoral politics and artmaking, Amy is running for City Council in Brooklyn in 2021 to ensure space for underrepresented voices in our political system and to shift our culture towards one of creativity and compassion.

Amy Khoshbin, You Never Know, performed at signs and symbols gallery on Aug 30, 2018.