Project Third

Located in the Fine Arts DeKalb Gallery                                                                          (Image credit: Object Studies )

Annual Fine Arts Led July/August Residency for Research & Community Engagement.

This residency is geared towards artists/collaborative teams whose community work is research oriented and motivated by the desire to instigate change, both within and outside of the Academy.

PROJECT THIRD consists of 3 linked components:

1) Invited Artists in Residence

2) Fine Arts MFA Research Summer Session

3) Collaboration w/Internal and External Partners

The DeKalb Gallery is the visible location for this residency. The emphasis is on process and experimentation. Invited artists transform the gallery into a research center for the months of July & August. July is a focussed research month that intersects with a specially designed Fine Arts MFA Summer Session. August is public-facing with programming that opens up the work of the artists in residence to the community.

Summer 2018: WAYS OF BEING

Invited Artists: Susan Jahoda, Emilio Martinez Poppe, Caroline Woolard

Project: Ways of Being: A book, a deck of cards, and an open-access website that aims to provide a guide for artists and arts educators to:

  • Understand the social lives of artworks, using systems thinking and life-cycle analysis
  • Assess the social conditions in which artworks and artists live, using social-ecological models
  • Integrate collaborative practices that emphasize social-emotional intelligence into visual-arts pedagogy.


  • Internal: Art & Design Education, The Pratt Institute Libraries, Center for Career & Professional Development, Humanities & Media Studies, and the Writing Program