Online class examples and student work from Spring 2020:

Woodworking class with Professor and Woodshop Technician Yasu Izaki showing a joinery assignment that shows you can use anything to learn and you can view the video of it here.

Mold-making class work with Professors Blake Hiltunen using jello, ice, and paper for molds.

Professor Langdon Graves’ Graduate Drawing class work to create a Self Portrait in 25 parts.

Professor Analia Segal’s Junior Sculpture class

Click here to view the Symposium PDF, including peer-to-peer interviews during the Coronavirus period.

Professor Judith Solodkin’s Lithography I class create drawings with the darkest materials they have to respond to the concept of an extreme nightmare or cauchemar. Final projects for Lithography Spring 2020 – click here to view.

Lithography I and II with Professor Anna Hoberman

The Art of the Book with Professor Robbin Silverberg

Drawing II class, Phone Drawing Assignment and Drawing VI class, mail art project with Professor Ben La Rocco. Please also view works by Shan Runge, Jesse Capozzi, Claire Wu and Alex Brown.

Professor Fay Ku’s Drawing VI class work.

Painting II with Professor Chris Wright

Graduate Printmaking with Professor Donna Moran

Please click here flip through version of the PRNT 211-07 semester book entitled Change of Plans, the book was designed by Claire Wu a FA painting major.

Silkscreen II and Painting Process classes with Professor Cathy LeCleire

Methods and Materials classwork with Professor Mona Brody

Life Study II classwork with Professor Michael Gac Levin

Ceramics I and II classwork with Professor Jessica Stoller

Professor Anne Gillman’s Graduate Drawing into Sculpture class.

Professor Jomar Statkun’s Graduate Silkscreen printmaking class. Click here to view a video of the Exquisite Corpse project.

Professor Nanette Carter’s Covid-19 Drawing project. Please also click here to view V Gunther’s ZINE, “In Person.”

Professor Lisa Bateman’s BFA Installation and Off the Canvas classwork.

To view video work: Bianca Stiles, Isabella Paganuzzi, Julia Wess, Noa Fenigstein, Ariana Fousse, Carly Klein, Rachel Griffith

Click here to view the Printmaking BFA Thesis site Potluck Forever.