The Unearthly 2019-03-08T22:08:21+00:00


Curated by Adrian Tone
September 2017

The unearthly, the abnormal, the appalling.

The artists in this exhibition use abstraction techniques rooted into a disjointed and surreal vision of our current humanity. These are not abstract works, they are abstractions and thus (for the most part) representational in nature. They use composition, color, mark making and art historical context not as an end in itself but as a place to spring forward towards content. 

And where does this content lead us? To places all of us are familiar with, far away from the dressed up versions of sanitized reality we are presented with in shops: one of struggle, nostalgia, spirituality and repression. 

To move forward, we can fake it in the hopes of making it, but looking at what really surrounds us gives us much richer and fertile ground from which to spring with important questions.