The first project is aimed to understand the site and analysis the information in it.

Based on the analysis, I created my synthetic drawings, which is the hexagon related to the windows of the site. Then I built up the rule-based component that aggregated by many hexagon with different scale.

The first model is based on my three drawings. I get my first layer for the based to show the relationship, and divided my hexagon in to different evaluation to get the divided space.

third layersecond layer first layer model 2model 8 model 6
model 1

After the first model, our second project is to find out the rules that formed my model and make dynamic component followed by my rule.

I built up some hexagons with the points in different evaluations. Then I subdivided the hexagons into many triangles and changed them with different evaluations and scales in order to have different shapes and spaces.

With the component in different scales and shapes, I aggregated them into a large hexagon that subdivided by connection of points.

component 7component 12
component 5component 1component 4component 11

The third project is to skin my component.

I followed the frame and connect the triangels both inside and outside and created the interior spaces.

then I started to subdivide my triangles and cut my subdivided shape off and fold them into the buildings to make connection with other cutting pices or the wall in order to exhibit or created space for light and pathway.

3 7 8