West Facade 1 (1)Analysis of Higgins Hall West Façade: Left window footers and façade window borders

West Facade 2Synthesis of West Façade: Fragmenting Rule- each point (footer lines intersecting within façade windows) splits into three lines

West Facade 3Synthesis 2 of West Façade: Extracted Shape: Two rectangles with V-cut


first modelFirst Model: All three layers

component 1 Conponent5 Component7 Component6 Component4 Component3 component2

Component Models

lineaggregation lineaggregation3 lineaggregation2

Line Component Aggregations:

1: V shapes align to with straight lines to form triangles

2:Two sides align at an edge

3: Two sides meet perpendicularly

skin2.2 skin1 skin 5 skinnsub skin2 skinnsub2Skinned and Subdivided Models

aggregationinprogress3 aggregationinprogress Aggregationinprgress5

Aggregation of Skinned and Subdivided Components

finalagg finalagg2 finalagg3Final Aggregation of Components

perspectiv2 Photo Jul 22, 12 46 35 PM

Final Model in Site Plan

LightStudyFinal Model Light Study