Bulletin Description:

In this course, students learn to create the structures in which we live, work and inhabit. Students develop solutions to a series of architectural problems through hands-on work including sketches, drawings, and models meant to introduce them to the fundamental principles of architectural design.

Detailed Description:

This class is designed to introduce students to ideas, principles, concepts and methods of architectural design in a studio setting. Through a graduated sequence of exercises, students explore the architectural concepts of space, form, function, scale, site, structure, and movement through analytic and generative approaches. Instruction is carried out through personalized critiques of student work culminating in a public exhibition and presentation of one’s work.

Our goals are both general and specific. In general, it my the goal to usher you into the culture of architecture by helping you develop a conceptual and a technical framework through which architectural production can occur. More specificially, it is my goal to teach you specific skills, techniques, formal approaches and habits that will enable you to succeed—whether or not you choose to continue in architecture, or any other design discipline.

Each section will follow a similar project sequence consisting but not limited to the following:

• 2-D Design & Representation

• 3-D Design and Representation

• Experiencing Architecture: relating body and architecture.


Course Outline + Schedule:


Day 1: Wednesday July 6th

Introduction to Architecture + SITE ANALYSIS (meet in HHS 112 + then 201C)

What is architecture? What do architects do?

Site visit + the role of analysis

Workspace setup + Drafting Intro. Grids, line-weights + types, points annotations

Day 2: Thursday July 7th

Synthetic Drawings + Translation | From 2D to 3D

The role of generative drawings + introduction to modeling

Create a rule-based component, transform + translate drawing(s) to 3D model

Weekend Finalize drawings and models + photograph sequentially. Upload to blog.


Day 3: Monday July 11th

Performative Frame | Parameters + Iterations

Dynamic component making, part to whole relationships + doc dynamic action over time

Begin to aggregate components and draw + photograph family

Day 4: Wednesday July 13th

Aggregate Skins | Line to Plane | Enclosure

Describe surface to generate spatial occupational opportunities

Day 5: Thursday July 14th

Body Action Space | Documentation + Analysis (meet in HHN 306A)

Documentation of body performing, dimension, sketch form in relationship to body, section

Review aggregate components and skins + finalize

Weekend Finalize performative frame + skins. Photograph and upload to blog.


Day 6: Monday July 18th

Introduction to Final Project: Urban Connection Gallery – Site

Visit site, discuss opportunities of site connections, photograph, build 3/8”=1′-0” site model

Day 7: Wednesday July 20th

Urban Connection Gallery – Invent

Use formal systems to invent solutions for horizontal and diagonal movement/circulation, body, objects, aperture for passage, light, watching/looking in relationship to site through sketch model and drawings (sections + plan)

Day 8: Thursday July 21st

Urban Connection Gallery – Model Progress

Review design and develop based on feedback in drawings and model(s) in site

Weekend Construct final model + document movement and light sequence


Day 9: Monday July 25th

Urban Connection Gallery – Documentation (meet in HHN 306A)

Space/Movement: Photograph narrative sequence of movement + shadow within final model

Collage gallery into site and FDN + ARCH work into gallery, print final images

Urban Connection Gallery – Drawings

Review final model and complete sections and plan of final design with entourage

Day 10: Wednesday July 27th

Urban Connection Gallery – Drawings

Review final model and complete sections and plan of final design with entourage

Photograph final drawings for portfolio documentation

Thursday July 28th

Setup Exhibition + Project Documentation

Friday July 29th or Saturday July 30th

Exhibition + Reception