Jennifer Lopez, Commissioner of Entertainment, NYC Mayor’s Office. Thank you for acting as the catalyst for bringing the idea of the studio to life.


Erika Hinrichs, Chair UA Pratt Institute. Thank you for supporting the idea of the studio


John Shapiro, Chairperson of Center for Planning and the Environment. Thank you for referring me to a series of fellow faculty and professionals involved in low income housing and plans for its future.


David Burney, Professor and Director of Urban Placemaking and Management, Pratt Institute, Tamar Kiselevitz, Partner, Robert Scarano, Architect, and Jonathan Martin, Professor, Pratt Institute. Thank you for assisting me
with the background material critical to an understanding of the scope for the project.


John Kirchenfeld, Architect and Founder of the Institute of Public Architecture, Nicholas Bloom, Professor, NYIT and author of Public Housing that Worked, Kaja Kuhl, Professor, Columbia University, Beth O’Neil, Professor, Pratt Institute, Lawrence Zeroth, Professor, Pratt Institute, EJ Seong, Professor, Pratt Institute, Debora Gans, Professor, Pratt Institute, Tom Vander Bout, Partner, NVda Architects, Frank Lang, Professor, Pratt Institute, pubic housing specialist. Thank you for participating in the reviews that helped the work to mature.

Michael Pyatok, Architect and Public Housing specialist, Thomas Jefferson Medal recipient, Pratt graduate. Thank you for taking the time to critique the students’ progress at the time of your lecture at Higgins Hall.

Steven Lovci and Bruce Eisenberg, Department of Design, NYCHA. Thank you
for your generous participation in our reviews and bringing a more official perspective to the larger issues.

Elaine Braithwaite, Policy Advisor for the Deputy Mayor of Housing and Economic Development, NYC Mayor’s Office. Thank you for taking the interest in the project and encouraging the distribution of its results.

Bill Menking, Professor, Pratt Institute and Karen Kubey, Executive Director of the Institute for Public Architecture. Thank you for including the work in the Symposium on Housing to be held in April of 2015

Pratt Institute
Thomas Schutte, President
Bruce Gitlin, Chairman of the Board of Trustees Peter Barna, Provost

Pratt Institute School of Architecture
Thomas Hanrahan, Dean
Kurt Everhart, Assistant to the Dean Pamela Gill, Assistant to the Dean

Undergraduate Architecture
Erika Hinrichs, Chair
Jason Lee, Assistant Chair
Teralyn Stewart, Coordinator of Student Advisement
Juliet Medel, Coordinator of Student Advisement
Latoya Johnson, Administrative Assistant Adam Kacperski, Administrative Assistant

Frederick Biehle

Design and Production

Michael Rosen





An Inventory of What’s Possible

Institute for Public Architecture
April 10, 2015

Symposium convened by the Institute for Public Architecture with Pratt Institute School of Architecture

Public Housing Symposium


ThePlan Awards

May 18-20, 2015

Reinventing Public Housing- Proposals to Recontexturalize the NYCHA Superblock was submitted to The Plan Award 2015 in Milan and was shortlisted as a finalist in the Category Housing

Reinventing Public Housing- Proposals to Recontexturalize the NYCHA Superblock


Affordable Housing in New York: The People, Places, and Policies That Transformed a City


Exhibition at Hunter College East Harlem Gallery in the Silberman School of Social Work


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