The Spatial Analysis and Visualization Initiative (SAVI) at Pratt Institute is a geographic information systems-centered research hub that uses mapping, data, and design to understand urban communities.

Technical Assistance and Research

SAVI provides training, consulting services, and pro bono work to external clients with a focus on community-based organizations and non-profits. Learn about our projects.


Certificate Programs for GIS

SAVI educates students to explore and analyze spatial data, develop technical mapping skills, and apply visual design principles to real-world projects. Find out about our programs here.


SAVI Resources
for Pratt Institute

SAVI provides support for Pratt students and faculty who incorporate data and mapping into their work. If you are a Pratt student or faculty member, check out our offerings.

SAVI Workshops and Events

SAVI hosts a variety of workshops and events for Pratt and the mapping community. Take a look at some of our past events.

Work with SAVI!

SAVI offers a broad range of mapping and data services. We provide fee-for-service consulting and training to external clients. Across Pratt, we offer technical assistance to students and courses, as well as research partnerships with faculty. SAVI also performs independent research and collaborates with external academic institutions.

News from SAVI

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