About SAVI

The Spatial Analysis and Visualization Initiative is an interdisciplinary research, consulting, and education center focusing on spatial data and visual storytelling.

    • We work with people to untangle the complexities of spatial data, to generate in-depth analytics, and to reconnect people with data through design.
    • We help build the future of spatial data visualization by training emerging professionals in our two certificate programs.
    • We leverage the work of researchers, government agencies, non-profits, and the private sector through partnership projects to understand and visualize their data.



Can Kadir Sucuoglu

Graduate Assistants


Josephina Matteson


Haley Balcanoff


Rachel Daniell


Zack Walker


Anna Yie


De Han

SAVI thanks our former graduate assistants:

Drew Stanley, Korin Tangtrakul, Natasha Dwyer, Leonardo Arias, Trapa Barua, Adriana Beltrani, Jen Boggs, Mariam Bowring, Jackson Chabot, Bowon Chung, Haley Cox, Lindsay Donnellon, Acacia Dupierre, Lian Farhi, Lidia Henderson, Fareen Islam, Jonathan Marable, Sara Margolis, Jen Mattei, Roz Palmer, Brett Promisloff, Kim Robledo, Theo Roth, Sarita Rupan, Maria Teresa Ruiz, Sadra Shahab, Ahmad Shaibani, Allen Spector, Jeff Sun, Eugenia Tang.



Since its founding in 2014, SAVI had been led by Jessie Braden. Moving on to pursue a career with Apple as a Cartographer, Jessie relocated to California in 2019. While she is no longer working with SAVI, her presence and impact continue to resonate throughout our work. Everyone within the greater Pratt community thanks Jessie for her time and dedication in both co-founding and leading the Spatial Analysis and Visualization Initiative through its first five years.

Savi was founded in 2013 by Jessie Braden and Juan Camilo Osorio with mentorship from John Shapiro, then Chair of Pratt’s Graduate Center for Planning and the Environment (GCPE), and with assistance from Peter Barna, then Provost, and the Pratt Center for Community Development.

(From left to right:) Pratt Provost Kirk Pillow, Brooklyn Deputy Borough President Diana Reyna, Pratt Center for Community Development Executive Director Adam Friedman, SAVI co-founder Jessie Braden, SAVI co-founder Juan Camilo Osorio, former Vice President New York City Economic Development Corporation Tenzing Chadotsang, and former Pratt President Tom Schutte.