Continuing Education

SAVI’s GIS and Design certificate program, run through Pratt’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies (SCPS), is a modernized GIS program for working professionals.

How We’re Different

  • Data Assessment and Methodology. The open data movement has “liberated” endless data sets but users often apply the data without assessing its accuracy, representativeness and true utility. We teach students to approach all data with a critical eye.
  • Thoughtful Methodologies. With so much data available and myriad tools to create maps and graphics, it’s easy to get caught up in creating things that look “cool.” However, we want our students to be able to solve real problems using in-depth analytics and statistical methods.
  • Current, Marketable Skills. Our nimble curriculum is continually updated to ensure we’re teaching in-demand skills. We not only focus on traditional GIS analytical methods but also the technical underpinning of online mapping and interactive graphics using current programming languages.
  • Multi-disciplinary. Our students come from a variety of topical backgrounds which offers them a rich experience through exposure to many perspectives and applications of GIS and data analysis. This allows them to be more creative in their own projects and to work better in groups.
  • Focus on Design. In typical GIS programs, cartography is often an afterthought. However, in our modern visual world it’s critical that students learn to create professional, sleek visual map and data analysis products. We teach students to transform their raw data into compelling stories.

For more information and course listings, please visit the Curriculum Overview page. To register, please visit SCPS’s website.

If you’re looking for transferable credits, please learn about our graduate level advanced certificate in Spatial Analysis and Design on the School of Information’s website.

“SAVI’s GIS and Design certificate program provides an ideal mix of traditional GIS and innovative tools taught by a dream team of instructors who bring their passion and expertise to every class. Alongside a fascinating group of fellow students, I experienced the ideal deep dive into spatial analysis and cartography.”

-Beryl Sinclair, 2015-2016