The Spatial Analysis and Visualization Initiative (SAVI) is a mapping research and service center. We provide education, technical support, and resources to Pratt students and faculty across disciplines and to external clients with a focus on non-profit and community-based organizations. SAVI performs academic research with internal and external partners and offers a GIS and Design certificate program through the School of Continuing and Professional Studies.


SAVI cultivates a collaborative learning community where faculty and students share ideas across disciplines. Through collaboration with departments and courses, SAVI enables the understanding of geographical relationships and the visualization of community and environmental assets, while advancing Pratt to the forefront of current data analysis, mapping, and visualization technology.

In keeping with Pratt’s dedication to serve beyond the gates, SAVI works with nonprofits, community groups, and other clients in New York City and beyond to facilitate access to data and demonstrate the dynamic benefits of GIS. We empower local organizations to translate their own visions to quantifiable tools for local advocacy and for the greater goal of increasing the in quality-of-life for their clients and constituents.


SAVI was founded informally in 2012 by Jessie Braden and Juan Camilo Osorio to provide GIS and data with mentorship from John Shapiro, then Coordinator of Pratt’s Programs for Sustainable Planning and Development (PSPD) and Chair of the Graduate Center for Planning and the Environment (GCPE). At that time, Jessie was a GIS Analyst/Environmental Planner at Pratt Center for Community Development (Pratt Center) and Juan Camilo, a GCPE Adjunct Assistant Professor co-teaching the first-year required planning studio along with various GIS courses, was transitioning to the role of Director of Research at the New York City Environmental Justice Alliance. Both had a mutual interest in addressing the dearth of GIS and data resources on campus.

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(From left to right:) Pratt Provost Kirk Pillow, Brooklyn Deputy Borough President Diana Reyna, Pratt Center for Community Development Executive Director Adam Friedman, SAVI co-founder Jessie Braden, SAVI co-founder Juan Camilo Osorio, former Vice President New York City Economic Development Corporation Tenzing Chadotsang, and former Pratt President Tom Schutte.