SAVI Open Lab Hours

Certificate program students are welcome to use our computers for course work during open hours.

Spring 2018 schedule:

Monday- Thursday: 11:00-5:00 pm
Closed Friday- Sunday



If you need access to ArcGIS or QGIS outside of our open hours, you can also use the labs in the Engineering building that have evening/weekend hours: ENG rooms 202, 204 and 206. These rooms are open when classes are not scheduled in them. You can check the room schedule here:

The Pratt Manhattan campus (144 West 14th St) also has a computer lab with ArcGIS and QGIS installed in room 501 and the lab is open Mon-Fri 8 am-10 pm and weekends from 9 am-5 pm.

You may also request a one-year student trial copy of ArcGIS for your home computer or laptop. Fill out this form (note: ArcGIS is not compatible with Mac OS. You will need Bootcamp or Parallels to run ArcGIS).


Data Library

SAVI has created an extensive library that includes geospatial data for the city, state, federal, and international levels as well as a variety of tutorials. The library can be accessed through the “SAVI Data Library” folder on the desktop of all PC computers on the Brooklyn campus.


Technical Assistance

Students enrolled in courses can receive technical assistance from SAVI during open lab hours by filling out this form. SAVI offers guidance in these areas: data acquisition, methodology development, GIS tool execution, and cartography.


Additional data resources, networks, and software

There are many opportunities to find spatial data and meet others in the field. New York City has a large network of mappers across several disciplines, such as planning, big data, software development, and many more. Check out the links below to broaden your GIS network:




  • BetaNYC: A civic organization dedicated to improving lives in New York through civic design, technology, and data access
  • GeoNYC meetup: A monthly meeting of mappers, with informal presentations in different locations throughout NYC
  • GISMO: NYC GIS and mapping organization that runs events, meetings and a mailing list
  • Maptime NYC: Regular small hack night meetings where mappers can help each other with projects.


  • ESRI: ArcGIS for desktop and online
  • QGIS: A free and open source GIS software for Windows, Mac, Linux and BSD
  • Carto: An easy-to-use platform for interactive mapping
  • Open Refine: A powerful tool for working with messy data