We have two certificate programs!

In our modern visual world it’s critical that students learn to create professional map and data analysis products. SAVI’s curriculum focuses on design-oriented data analytics that teach students to transform their raw data into compelling stories. We offer two programs in GIS: a graduate-level certificate and a not-for-credit certificate. Students in the not-for-credit program begin with a foundational visual design class while students in the graduate-level advanced certificate can take electives focused on data analytics and visualization.

School of Information: Spatial Analysis and Design
Graduate-level certificate
12 credits (4 courses over 2+ semesters)
Daytime and evening courses
Designed for students who want a rigorous graduate program and transferable credit
Post-Bachelor’s, application required
No GIS experience required
School of Continuing and Professional Studies: GIS and Design
22.5 CEUs (5-6 intensive courses over 2+ semesters)
Evening and Saturday courses
Geared for professionals who want to add GIS and design skills or shift jobs
High school diploma required, no application
No GIS experience required

Our programs do not require enrollment in a graduate program at Pratt.