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Interested in collaborating with SAVI? Mapping, data, and location awareness are common themes in everything from social sciences, the arts, and the Institute itself. We offer a range of opportunities for the Pratt community to partner with us on research projects.

Selected Research Partnerships at Pratt

Faculty and Research Partnerships
Undergraduate Architecture

For Pratt Institute Innovation Fund grant winners Lawrence Blough and Simone Giostra’s Building Integrated Solar Thermal Envelopes project, SAVI provided 2D and 3D maps and data showing concentrations of “dirty heat” boilers, residential and mixed-use buildings, and historic districts. This allowed their team to determine the best building candidates for vertical solar projects in Manhattan.

Faculty and Research Partnerships
Office of the Provost

A multi-disciplinary team has convened to research and map learning outcomes at Pratt Institute. SAVI, staff from the Office of the Provost, and faculty from the School of Information are developing a visualization tool for departments, students and prospective students that provides insights on learning and competencies across the Institute.

Faculty and Research Partnerships
Art and Design Education

SAVI provided GIS services for another Innovation Fund winner, Aileen Wilson. SAVI performed mapping tasks to determine youth scholar student enrollment density. This allowed Dr. Wilson to determine gaps in enrollment and to better target specific schools. SAVI also researched and mapped several education and demographic indicators so ADE could compare relative differences between target school districts.


SAVI is one of five campus-wide research and service centers at Pratt Institute. Additionally, there are six department/school-based centers that provide research leadership for the school. Learn about the exciting activities, innovation and scholarship here.