Mapping Access to Health

Years: 2013-2015


SAVI worked with the Commission on the Public’s Health System (CPHS) to map health care service availability and changes over time. CPHS was seeking evidence of the inequitable distribution of planned hospital closures in New York City, and they have further hypothesized that a large number of former hospitals are now luxury residential buildings. In response, SAVI researched hospital closures in the past 20 years to determine the current land uses of these properties, using a variety of sources including local and state health agency data, newspaper archive searches, and current and historical NYC GIS data. SAVI also mapped current hospital locations, travel times, service availability, and factors that bar easy access for vulnerable populations, including language and health insurance.

Graduate assistants: Bowon Chung, Haley Cox, Acacia Dupierre, Korin Tangtrakul, Roz Palmer, Brett Promisloff, Theo Roth.