All About Us: Data Privacy and Mobile Tracking Course

Year: 2017


Pratt’s Center for Art, Design and Community Engagement K-12 linked Fort Green Prep to SAVI’s for an exciting first interface with grade schoolers. Collaborating with the K-12 Center’s Aileen Wilson and teacher Ryan Minezzi, SAVI developed a ten session course for 8th graders about mobile tracking, mapping and data privacy as they relate to social equity. Students learned how much personal data is collected by private companies and how that information can be used to make discriminatory profit-driven assumptions. The 8th graders also learned how to examine privacy settings for apps, social media, email and phones, how to trace their travels on a map/track themselves via mobile phones, how data tracking generates big data, and how it all applies to their personal lives. Each student created a final art project that told the story of their after-school time in the neighborhood as a way of “taking back” their data and sharing their own personal experience versus what assumptions big data makes about them.

Teaching assistant: Sara Eichner
Graduate assistants: Jonathan Marable, Trapa Barua