GIS (Geographic Information Systems) is a digital tool used to map, model, analyze, and interpret geographical data to understand relationships, patterns, and trends. This technology, now used in nearly every discipline, has the power to visualize relationships that might otherwise be invisible. SAVI manages the GIS data, licensing, and technical assistance for Pratt Institute. We provide support to students and faculty who are performing mapping and data analysis.

The SAVI lab offers computer and software access for students as well as support by appointment. For faculty, we offer guest lectures and workshops for courses as well as semester-long support for classes integrating mapping. We also provide software (ArcGIS and Carto) and access to training.

Student and Faculty Resources

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Faculty Research Partnerships

Partner with us to develop your research. If you are faculty or an administrator at Pratt with an idea of how SAVI can support your work or your department, let us know! Learn More »