SAVI hosts and stages events and we provide workshops for three audience groups: Pratt students and faculty, GIS and Design certificate program students, and the NYC mapping and data community.

Data Through Design Exhibit

Data Through Design showcased works based on NYC open data under the theme 8 Questions for the City. After an open call for works, pieces were selected that address issues such as: what consequences do our choices about zoning have for the people traveling our streets? Or, what do NYC civil servants do? Collectively, these works revealed insights from a cumulative whole and what stories can emerge from data.

Artists: Mathura Govindarajan, Jill Hubley, So Yeon Jeong, Ye Eun Jeong, David Lockard, Jeremy Neiman, Seungmin Ellen Oh, James Proctor and Pitch Interactive, Juan Francisco Saldarriaga, Steven Sanchez, and TWO-N.

The exhibit was co-organized by SAVI, CARTO, and Enigma and hosted at the Made in NY Media Center by IFP as a part of Open Data Week, a city-wide endeavor by the NYC Mayor’s Office of Data Analytics.

Visit the exhibition website to learn more.

Selected Past Workshops and Events

Workshops and Events
For Everyone: The Drones Are Coming

On November 30th, 2017, Jarlath O’Neil-Dunne of UVM’s Spatial Analysis Lab visited SAVI to share unique ways in which drones can be deployed to generate unique, granular spatial data. Speaking to a range of applied technologies, Jarlath demonstrated how drones aid the development of highly specific maps and models on-the-fly.

Workshops and Events
For Everyone: Citizen Science Workshop

On August 26th and 27th, 2017, SAVI instructor Phil Martin ran a Citizen Science workshop for Pratt students, faculty, and community-based organizations. Participants assembled low-cost air quality sensors and collected data at two site types: subway platforms and street level subway entrances. They learned how to process, map, and graph the data in R and Carto programs.

Workshops and Events
For Everyone: OpenStreetMap US Mapathon Event

On August 7th, 2017, SAVI hosted the OpenStreetMap US Bus Mapathon for NYC. Both our computer labs and conference room were open to participants who ranged from first time mappers to OSM pros who focused on mapping bus stops. The event was led by Alyssa Wright, Bryan Housel, Eric Brelsford and Janine Yoong, who gave a demonstration of Mapillary.

Workshops and Events
For Pratt: Map-Art Workshop

In the spring of 2017, SAVI hosted its first ever Map-Art workshop. We showed students and faculty from 12 departments across five of Pratt’s six schools how they can incorporate elements of maps and real data into their work. The workshop included a portion on exploring existing data in ArcGIS and exporting images to Adobe Illustrator.

Workshops and Events
For Pratt: ComD Guest Lecture and Workshop Series

SAVI provided a series of workshops for graduate Communications Design students in the Cross-Disciplinary Studio (DES 741) in spring 2017. First, SAVI gave a group lecture on mapping and data to the 55 students. Then SAVI held three smaller, hands-on workshops: Finding and Understanding Data, Exploring Many Map Layers in GIS Software, and Mobile Data Collection and Interactive Mapping.

Workshops and Events
For Partners: Open Data Workshop for CBOs

Our second open data workshop for community-based organizations (CBOs) ran in the spring of 2016. Participants learned where to look for common datasets, tips and tricks for using open data portals, the importance of assessing data and common mistakes made by beginner mappers.