Resources For Reflection, Action and Change Towards an Equitable School

Content Statement:

Dear Pratt SoA Students, Faculty, Staff and Administration,

Following the SoA Town Hall meeting two weeks ago, a group of faculty has developed a Pratt Commons site intended to capture and share resources designed to support the Pratt School of Architecture community as we actively work to decolonize our curriculum in the wake of racial injustices.

This resource is designed to highlight the incredible work that is ongoing from students and faculty, as well as sharing opportunities to join SoA community-organized task forces and peer to peer mentoring programs.

We would like to invite your feedback and additional contributions since this website is also intended as a mechanism for participation.

The content of this site is LIVE and is being formed around, but not limited to, these initiatives the school is focusing on, going forward:

  • Forming a task force of students, faculty, staff, admin, and allies to come up with a Racial Justice Strategic Plan for the school, making sure that the decision-makers in this group are those most impacted by the policies. Accomplices can do supportive work.

  • Focussing our Curriculum Committee on changing reading lists and design precedents to address canonic erasures, misrepresentation, discrimination, and eurocentric and caucasian privileging.

  • Working to develop more inclusive pedagogies that recognize a wider ecology of approaches and reward a greater diversity of learning styles.

  • Improving the participant profile and the culture of design juries and crits.

  • Building a mentoring program designed to support first-generation students of color.

  • Providing our students with safe spaces where they can express themselves and be both seen and heard.

Extended gratitude goes to Professor Michele Gorman, Professor Scott Ruff, Professor Ane Gonzalez Lara, Professor Eva Perez De Vega, NOMAS, GAUDDEI, the Dean of SoA Students Council members, Professor Meta Brunzema, Professor Meredith TenHoor, and the SoA Curriculum Committee for their dedicated efforts behind this initiative.

We welcome your feedback.