Please join Pratt GAUD on October 29 from 2pm-5pm for Wast(ED): Living with Trash: a co-hosted online event with the leadership of the Center for Architecture examining issues of how we deal with the current state of our environment by living nearby and on top of waste. Using student proposals for waste to energy recycling centers with integrated community parks, ferry terminals and recreational circuits along the rapidly developing East River corridor as a launching point, the discussion brings together a panel of esteemed architects and thinkers who will offer provocative and counterintuitive perspectives on climate change and its impacts.

This event is the first of a series of collaborations between the GAUD and the CFA focused on climate change.

We are excited to announce that this event will include a virtual exhibition of student work and will intersperse select student presentations among panel member presentations in the first segment of the event

To join the event and receive a link for the livestream, register on the CFA website here:

Panelists: Neil Denari (GAUD Critic at Large),Thomas Christoffersen (senior partner at BIG), Patrik Gustavsson (CEO of The Amager Bakke Foundation), Clare Miflin (AIANY Co-Chair of Committee on the Environment), Ben Prosky (Executive Director of Center for Architecture), Signe Nielsen (GAUD Faculty and Principal of Nielsen Matthews Landscape Architecture), Alexandra Barker (GAUD Assistant Chair), and David Erdman (GAUD Chair).