Norhan M. Bayomi  is a PhD student in the Building Technology program at MIT and a research assistant in the Urban Metabolism group. She received her BSc. In Architecture from Cairo University and MSc in Building Technology from MIT. Norhan‘s research is focused on Climate change science and possible impacts in developing regions and what role can the built environment play in this dilemma. Her research is focusing on exploring potential human health risks associated with increased temperature in cities and how using aerial technology and design can assist in better understanding building and urban environment while defining suitable adaptation strategies. Norhan is also a founding member of a startup company “AirWorks” that was formed in MIT in 2017. AirWorks focuses on using Aerial technology for real-time urban data analysis and construction intelligence through machine learning.

This semester Professor Juan Camilo Osorio’s Advanced GIS course has partnered with the PDRN (Pratt Disaster Resilience Network), the Pratt Graduate Center for Planning and the Environment, and Pratt SAVI, on a lecture series called Mapping Urban Inquiry. The purpose of the series is to engage in four critical discussions on the role of mapping and spatial analysis in seeking just, healthy, equitable and resilient environments.The events are open to the public and will be streaming live through the PDRN’s Facebook page.

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