Reporting Requirements

To allow us support the overall mission of the STEAMplant initiative, all residents and student fellows must properly document completed work with a written report and presentation at Pratt Institute.

Your report should describe:

  • the work that was carried out including the contributions of each project member
  • how the project engaged the target audience
  • the outcomes that were realized
  • how the project was assessed and the results of that assessment
  • how STEAMplant funds were used
  • how you credited the STEAMplant Initiative in supporting the work produced by the project

Both the report and presentation should contain visual/audio elements in order to maximize engagement and comprehensibility with a wide audience. Although the exact form of documentation will vary based on what your project produces, we ask that you document your project in a manner that comprehensively communicates what you created to prospective audiences who have not experienced your work first hand (these audiences include the general public, prospective future residents/fellows, and potential donors). Your documentation should be composed of an appropriate combination of:

  • Photos
  • Video/animations
  • Rendered final work (for replicable/serial work)
  • Audio recordings
  • PDFs of project components
  • Any other applicable artifact