STEAMplant team members have access to many resources at Pratt, including:

Industrial Design Facilities

Shop Facilities

The Industrial Design Shop provides the tools to fabricate both small scale models or full size prototypes and functioning products. Wood, plastics, dense foam, and metals are among the many types of material that can be machined or manipulated. 

Machines of the shop include: Several band saws of various sizes, a “Sawstop” safety table saw, jointer, thickness planer, various belt, disc, and spindle sanders, a panel saw, several drill presses, wood lathes, a scroll saw, vertical mills, metal lathes, metal tube benders, sheet metal brake, sheet metal shears, vacuum forming machines, and a pizza oven for plastics slumping.

Down-draft tables and several work tables for assembly/construction are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. The tool room has hand tools for student check out during shop hours. The shop houses a spray booth for exclusively water based paints/finishes. Five full time technicians are on staff and available to help students with technical questions about materials and fabrication techniques.

Rapid Prototyping Lab

The RP Lab has a laser cutter with a 18 inch x 32 inch bed where two-dimensional profiles can be cut out of many non-combustible, non-reflective, flat materials. There is a Dimension 3-D printer which builds a three-dimensional object from 3-D software files by precisely layering a thermoplastic material. There is also a CNC 3-axis router which uses 3-D software files to machine a block of material, such as urethane foam, phenolic foam, or styrene foam, into objects. Maximum billet, or block, size is 4 inches x 12 inches x 19 inches. There are three digital paper cutters with 12 inch x 24 inch cutting capabilities that can cut 2-D profiles from paper or vinyl material.


Lending Library

Pratt Institute’s library offers lending privileges for a variety of equipment including recording devices, cameras, lighting, tripods, photo accessories, microphones, computers, speakers, projectors, and more.


Interdisciplinary Resources

Interdisciplinary Technology Lab

The ITL houses 3D printers and a Zund digital cutter that are available for use in interdisciplinary and interdepartmental projects. Learn more about machine specifications and how to gain access to the 3D printer here, and the digital cutter here. 


Pratt’s Gamelab houses many game design resources, an e-library, and hardware such as VR headsets that are available to rent. Learn more about the gamelab and its resources here.

Foundations Lab

The Pratt Foundations Lab houses a collection of objects occurring in the natural world, such as animal specimens, bones and fossils, and pigments. Some of these objects are available to rent. Learn more about the Foundations Lab here. 


Technology Resources

Digital Arts Lab

The Digital Arts Lab is a research facility dedicated to the interdisciplinary exploration, invention, study, and creative inquiry at the nexus of the arts, technology, and culture.

Digital Output Center

The Digital Output Center is Pratt’s centralized output area for color laser, professional photo, and large format printing and plotting. As a robust print facility, we employ the latest technologies and color management practices to ensure that every item of student output is of the highest possible quality. For large format we offer a large stable of specialty stocks including photo-gloss, acetate, canvas, sewable fabric, and mylar, as well as several fine art materials.


  • Large Format Printing 36” and 60” Wide
  • Large Format Printing on specialty stocks 36″ wide (select medias 60″)
  • On the Spot File Preparation Instruction
  • Large Format Scanning
  • 3-D Scanning
  • Color Management of Labs
  • Management of Color Laser Output
  • Management of Professional Photo Output
  • Printing Workshop Instruction
Computer Labs

Our Brooklyn and Manhattan computer labs are updated with the latest hardware, software, and specialized printing to aid members of the Pratt community in their creative process.