Sirovich Family Student Fellowship Program

Graduate and upperclass undergraduate students at Pratt Institute that are interested in doing STEAM work can form a project team with a faculty or staff member from the Mathematics & Science department and a faculty or staff member from another department, including their home department. Ideally, the STEAMplant project will be their thesis project, although other projects will be considered. 

For example, a student in Pratt’s Communications Design program could be interested in having their thesis project involve a short video about urban ecosystems. They could form a team with a professor of ecology in the Math & Science Department and a professor in the Film & Video department to work with them in realizing their project.

Those interested can find potential collaborators on our people page, see examples of the resources that will be available, and then apply for funding up to $7,500.Our next deadline for applications will be in the spring of 2020. Awarded projects can start on July 1 and run for up to one year.