Our building is an extended threshold. A HOLD state for architecture, objects and bodies. All exist through different sets of rituals. Our building combines our analysis of waste, safe room and thresholds in the form of a seed archive located in the extreme condition of a landfill in Fresh Kills, Staten Island. Our design responds to the changing aspects of our site and the necessary conditions of a seed archive throughout its life cycle. From the end of a landfill to the beginning of a park our building is designed to fit into the timeline. The seed archive presents an alternative past, present and future. It proposes its own sense of time with its own markers of change and repetition: from the changing energy sources to daily movement of seeds within the research labs and the 30 year movement of seeds from inside the archive to the public greenhouses on the park. These make up the rituals of our design. Our project proposes a new way of sustaining life and asks how can a building can house rituals that blur the distinction between architecture and its environment.

      The diagram shows an alternative sectional history of fresh kills from the state of a wetland to the state of the seed archive and the opening of the park.