There is an excess placement of follicles for building’s future growth.



Our building touches the ground minimally in two of the compartments. It is an open public plan on the park that holds the people in and allows for trespassing under the building. The compartments with access to the ground holds membranes for temporary programs such as the seed festival held each year, and the 30 year harvest for replacing the seeds from the archive.



The building is a process. There is an excess of follicles potential for future growth. (shown in dashed in plan) Our building in 2020 occupies 8 follicles each storing one type of seed. The spilling of the follicle happens where the structure is exposed on the interior. Those moments indicate the secondary storage which is seasonal and more temporal compared to the follicles. Next, where the structure is hidden are the labs. It is the most temporal form of storage that holds seeds that is in daily use by the researchers.