1- The spaces in between each compartment becomes a threshold that connects individual compartments into one whole. Anchors are similar to the follicles in form. Just like the ritual of replanting the seeds, anchors inform the public about the building’s long term relationship with the ground. The public experiences the building’s constant extraction of force from the ground.

2- The section cuts through the second most left compartment. The relationship of the follicle and the greenhouse is evident as the whole building compartment becomes a threshold for the ritual of planting seeds. It allows for the transition from the most permanent core to the most temporal ceremony of planting seeds every 30 years.

3- The cross section of the building reveals its relationship with the park. The end of the building that is facing the neighborhood is anchored to the ground whereas the opposite end that is facing the park is lifted off the ground forming an acute angle that invites people to the park.