Follicles are stainless steel, column like structures, with a cavity along their spine and a long term storage core at their bottoms. Follicles hold in their core the seeds, as a time capsule, holding their potential inside to be used in further generations.

      The insertion of the follicles into the mound occurs before the mound is being capped and by time they sink at the bottom of the trash. They are older than the mound which is the ground itself. Therefore the relationship with the ground is the vertical storage that is the follicle, is a time threshold.

      Our follicles hold Top 8 GMO seeds each inserted in one follicle. They are symbolically a criticism of the way we live and what society creates as waste, on how we consume, and what the future holds for us in the form of holding seeds.


      Safe room is the prototype of our long term seed storage and thresholds that carry out one of the newly invented rituals of a seed bank. The cores carry out the relationship of the underground of accumulated trash – communal ground for seed preservation. Follicles reach underground to extract heat emitted by the decomposing trash in the form of energy in order to support the extreme cold conditions of a seed vault.