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This spring semester of 2020 was my first one teaching at Pratt. HMS chair Arlene Keizer asked me last fall to re-envision a curriculum for Introduction to Journalism. Clearly, no one could have envisioned the novel coronavirus crisis. And this… Continue Reading →

Wet Markets in Asia and Disinformation Worldwide

Wet markets have been demonized as the site where the novel coronavirus was introduced. What is a wet market? What role does it play in Asian culture? All are questions that have not been answered. The wet market in Asia… Continue Reading →

COVID-19 Impact Portraits: A Nurse’s Audio Diary

  Kayla is an acute-care float-pool nurse currently based in Delaware. She narrates her story through voice memos that she has recorded on her phone since the outbreak of Covid-19. Hear how the pandemic has affected her:

Pandemic-Induced Anxiety 

Prescriptions for anti-anxiety medications increased a full 34 percent in one month between February and March this year according to an Express Scripts report.   When Dr. Jessica Gold answered her phone for our scheduled call, she was slightly flustered and… Continue Reading →

How Coronavirus Has Devastated Queer Party Community

DIY nightlife in New York City is quite an impressive achievement given the high volume of other, more institutional nightlife venues and agendas all through New York’s five boroughs. New York City is known all across the world for its… Continue Reading →

Pratt Sports Corner Podcast – The NCAA

Why I Write About Design: A Beat Statement

When I first began thinking of my beat, I wanted it to be something that I actively participate in creating. Being a graphic design major, I thought that a design beat would be appropriate. My reports focus on sustainability, ethical… Continue Reading →

Full Heart Farm Launches Online Farmers Market Amid Pandemic

Hear why farmer Allyson Angelini launched the Full Heart Farm Collective in the midst of a spreading pandemic:   What does the Full Heart Farm Collective offer? Listen to find out: When COVID-19 first hit the US, Allyson Angelini of… Continue Reading →

Covid-19 Impact Portraits: A Beat Statement

When I started my final semester at Pratt I never could have imagined we were about to witness the most deadly pandemic in 100 years. Looking back, I politely discussed journalism theory in the first half of the semester, whereas… Continue Reading →

“When the Stick Hits My Own Head”

The pandemic COVID-19 has taken its tour around the world. Within weeks what looked first as a story limited to east Asia resulted in over one million cases in the U.S. and 90,000 deaths around the world. COVID-19 hit some… Continue Reading →

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