Kayla is an acute-care float-pool nurse currently based in Delaware. She narrates her story through voice memos that she has recorded on her phone since the outbreak of Covid-19. Hear how the pandemic has affected her:

“There is a lot of fear… We’re not going to work like it’s no big deal . . .I feel scared going into work right now. It’s scarier than I think I thought it was going to be.”
Nurse KaylA

This audio documentary was edited to best relay how covid-19 is impacting nurses on a personal level as well as professional level. Kayla records all throughout her day. She has been generous to allow us insight into her life treating patients and coping with coronavirus impacts.  

Nurse Kayla took this photo while on a break during her shift. The bathroom is at the end of the hall from the hospital’s Covid-19 unit. She says, “I try to use that one to get some quiet on in my shift”

“…So for me, … it helps me understand what’s happening on a science level, which kind of takes away the fear. …replace your fear with what’s actually scientifically happening. That’s super helpful for me. “

Nurse Kayla