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Author Krystal Elizabeth Li

I am Krystal Li, an Interactive artist, designer & ceramist based in New York City. My practice focuses on creating experiences based on curiosity, probability and play. My work have been exhibited in MadeinNY Gallery and FILE festival during my journey at Pratt Institute, ultimately receiving a BFA in Interactive Arts. I find pleasure in pouring Cortados for people & deconstructing doll heads during wee hours.

Wet Markets in Asia and Disinformation Worldwide

Wet markets have been demonized as the site where the novel coronavirus was introduced. What is a wet market? What role does it play in Asian culture? All are questions that have not been answered. The wet market in Asia… Continue Reading →

“When the Stick Hits My Own Head”

The pandemic COVID-19 has taken its tour around the world. Within weeks what looked first as a story limited to east Asia resulted in over one million cases in the U.S. and 90,000 deaths around the world. COVID-19 hit some… Continue Reading →

From Riots to Lockdown, Hong Kong to Coney Island

The political climate of “One Country, Two Systems” of my mother’s home country of Hong Kong hit home for me as a first-generation American. A part of me resonates with student protestors resisting a communist regime such as China. (In… Continue Reading →

Evaluating Government COVID-19 Responses in Mid-March (from Brooklyn)

After the initial spread of the COVID-19 from its epicenter its Wuhan, China, government officials from around the world are faced with making important decisions that affect the wellbeing of their nation. The movement of people concerns these officials, as… Continue Reading →

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